If you are a young person living with epilepsy, not knowing how people will react to your seizures can sometimes stress you out.  You might also be unsure if your epilepsy will impact on your lifestyle and goals, or how to best manage your epilepsy in different situations.

Luckily, there is heaps of information and resources available for you.

Remember –everyone is a little different.  Having epilepsy means that your brain and body work a little differently than others.  This means that you have some special challenges to manage, which may involve medication, lifestyle changes, and other treatments that other people don’t experience.

Having epilepsy doesn’t mean you will have big restrictions on your life, or that you can’t achieve your goals.  If you have some goals in mind, talk to your parents, trusted friends, a doctor or psychologist (if you have one) about how you can go about it.

You might not be a person living with epilepsy; you might be a concerned family member, friend, employer or carer.  Whatever your situation, we hope the information in this section will be useful to you in understanding and supporting a young person with epilepsy.

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