Disability Support Services (DSS) are available to people who have physical, intellectual or sensory disabilities which are likely to last longer
than 6 months, and which limit their ability to function to the point that ongoing support is needed. Some neurological conditions and developmental disabilities (such as autism) are also eligible for DSS. Psychiatric, personal health or age-related conditions as well as injuries are not eligible for
DSS. Local district health boards and ACC pay for support services for these conditions.

To find out if you are eligible visit The Ministry of Health 

The following pages outline New Zealand Government allowances and payments available to people living with disabilities and chronic health conditions, as well as those specifically for parents and carers. 

You might not be a person living with epilepsy; you might a concerned family member, friend, employer or carer. Whatever your situation, we hope the information in this section will be useful to you in understanding and supporting a person living with epilepsy.

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