Terms of Employment- Employees Minimum Rights

Terms of employment are the conditions that an employee and employer agree upon for a particular job, and generally include job responsibilities, pay, work days, hours, breaks, holiday and sick days.

Under New Zealand employment law, employers and employees both have rights and responsibilities.

An employer must treat employees fairly, pay at least the minimum wage set by the government, and meet their other employment law obligations.  The minimum rights in law are designed to make workplaces safer and fairer for everyone. As a employer you cannot force an employee to agree to less than the minimum standards, but employers and employees can negotiate for better terms in an individual or collective agreement.

All employees, full-time, part-time, permanent, fixed-term or casual, are entitled to a copy of their (individual or collective) employment agreement in writing. The employment agreement must have terms and conditions which are at least as good as the minimum rights in the law. The minimum rights of employees can be found here

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