New Relationships

Exploring a new relationship can be both exciting and intimidating for everyone. Telling someone new about your epilepsy can cause some anxiety – this is completely normal. You may be concerned about how they might react, particularly if you have had difficult experiences in the past.

If you are spending a significant amount of time with someone new, and it is possible that you could have a seizure while you are together, you may need to consider sharing some important information with them. It is important that they know what to expect, and what you need in case of an emergency. You might like to share with them some information about seizure first aid, as well as any more specific support you need.

Try to allow space for your new partner to ask questions about your epilepsy. This might be their first relationship with someone living with epilepsy. It is possible that you are the first person living with epilepsy that they have met, which means they are undergoing a brand new learning experience. In most cases, people will be understanding and supportive when given the right information. However, nobody is perfect, and learning involves making mistakes. So, try to be patient and understanding wherever possible.

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