Backyard and Gardening

Many people find gardening and spending time in the backyard to be a leisurely activity. For those who live with epilepsy, particularly if it’s uncontrolled epilepsy or their ASMs impair awareness, it is important to take some safety precautions when in this outside environment.

Some tips which might assist in increasing safety while in the backyard or gardening:

  • Be cautious when mowing the lawn, and ensure that the mower has a safety guard that stops the blades if you were to fall.
  • If using a mower or power tools it is a good idea to use battery operated ones, rather than those using electrical mains power. This will reduce the risk of electrocution because there is no cord to accidentally cut.
  • Consider avoiding rough concrete or gravel surfaces outside, and use safer options such as grass, mulch or wooden decking.
  • Ensure that appropriate safety railings are used around swimming pools, verandas, decks and patios.
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