There are various support services available for parents of children with epilepsy and their families. 

  • Epilepsy New Zealand has a range of support groups, information sessions, training courses, and events that may be beneficial.
  • There are also many support groups around the country run by Parent 2 Parent  for parents of children with  complex needs/disabilities. Please get in touch with the regional offfice to see if these groups will be right for you. 
  • You may find an online support groups beneficial. There are many private groups available. One private page is called Epilepsy Support New Zealand, This is a generic epilepsy support group and is not specifically designed just for parents and families.  

For parents/carers, it can be really useful to meet and talk with others in a similar situation.  Often other parents can relate to how you feel and provide insights into what you have experienced or what may potentially lay ahead.  Throughout the year, we have access to low cost or free events that provide parents/carers/families with opportunities to have a day out and  connect with others. If you would like to know more or go on an email list contact us on 0800 374537 

Click here for stories from parents of children living with epilepsy.


Further support and Information 

Kidshealth -support around epilepsy-videos, advice

Healthed -many resources on health related issues 

Tough Love NZ – support for parents of kids with extreme behaviour issues

Parents Inc – offers programmes and resources for NZ parents

Community and Family Services Directory for locating family support near you 

Parent2Parent NZ – offering support and networking for parents across NZ whose children face disability or health issues, as well as sibling support

Not My Kid – for parents about a variety of mental health issues in kids and teens

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