You are likely to meet various medical and health professionals during your diagnosis. Information about the different healthcare professionals who may be on your treating team can be found here.

Diagnosis can take some time, which can cause frustration and concern. If you have had a seizure for the first time, or are supporting someone who has, attending appointments and tests is very important for ensuring an accurate diagnosis.

Whether you are a person living with epilepsy, care for someone who does, or are an interested community member, we hope that you find this information useful.

Click the link below to download Epilepsy New Zealands booklet Diagnosing Epilepsy – Answering your questions booklet. The booklet has lots of useful information about epilepsy and seizures as well as the process for diagnosing epilepsy. It also has information about seizure first aid and epilepsy treatments.

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Diagnosing Epilepsy- Answering your questions 

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