Using a Hard-Copy Seizure Diary

While some people like to use apps, other people prefer to use hard-copy journals or diaries to record their seizure activity and note any epilepsy-related matters or concerns.  This may involve someone keeping a notebook or typing entries into a computer program, and is a great resource to track activity over time.  If you contact Epilepsy New Zealand they may be able to send your a seizure diary. 

If you are developing your own diary or journal we recommend that you include some key information:

–  Seizure activity and types, including dates and frequency of any events

–  Medication side-effects you might be experiencing

–  Possible seizure triggers that you, or others, are noticing

–  Information about any changes to medication, such as your doctor lowering medication doses or introducing a new medication

A seizure diary is a good way of regularly recording information about your epilepsy, and a great place for others who witness your seizures to write down information.  This will be good for your own self-care and to share with your doctor so they have more information to support you.  If you plan on sharing the information you have documented in a hard-copy diary with your doctor consider writing a summary of key information so that your medical appointment can be useful and productive for both of you.

You can use the below template to create your own seizure diary.

Blank Seizure Record Download


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