In older people, seizure activity and any associated behavioural changes can be subtle.  It is important that aged care workers and carers know what to look for, can recognise the signs of seizure activity and can document it.

Epilepsy New Zealand has been supported by Epilepsy New Zealand in Australia to provide a suite of Epilepsy in the Later Years resources for the aged care sector.  The suite includes resources for older people living with epilepsy as well as their families, carers and aged care workers.

If you are looking for further information about aged care related support and services funded through the Government visit the Work and Income New Zealand website. 

Epilepsy in the Later Years Support Documents 

Resources for Aged Care Workers

An epilepsy smart aged care approach means that people in their later years are better understood and better supported.

The Inclusive Aged Care Practices booklet below has been developed for aged care workers and carers as a guide for working with an epilepsy smart aged care approach.

Inclusive Aged Care Practices from Epilepsy New Zealand


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