Emergency epilepsy medication works by stopping or reducing seizure activity if given during a seizure. A person’s doctor may prescribe emergency medication if they have seizures that last a long time, clusters of seizures and/or if they last a long distance from medical assistance.

Emergency medication is not used as a replacement for daily ASMs. Instead emergency medication is prescribed in an effort to stop a seizure before it becomes prolonged and potentially harmful.

It’s important for anyone who has a duty of care to administer emergency medication to undertake training so that they feel confident and capable if the need arises. Your GP or Neurologist may assist in developing a Seizure Management Plan and/or a Emergency Medication Management Plan. 

Epilepsy New Zealand’s educators can also assist in developing plans in collaboration with the individual/whānau, medical provider, and the setting. These do not replace medical plans provided by your GP or Neurologist and we recommend that these plans are signed off by a Doctor before implementation. 



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