In the event of storms, earthquakes, floods or other potentially catastrophic weather events it is important to be prepared and ensure that you are safe. Emergency information, relevant to any weather events in your area, is provided by your local emergency services authority (Civil Defence) and the media – so be sure to follow instructions and advice provided in relation to shelter and survival.

If you live with epilepsy and are facing a potential weather emergency there are some precautionary things to consider:

  • Ensure you have enough ASMs, and any other medications you take, to cover you in case you cannot stay in your house or are unable to visit a pharmacy to fill prescriptions.
  • Keep your Seizure Management Plan and/or Emergency Medication Management Plan, list of medications, prescriptions and medications in a water/heat protective container.
  • Charge your phone and any electronic devices so that you can stay in touch with others.
  • Ensure you have access to safe drinking water, as dehydration can be a seizure trigger. 
  • Consider temporary relocation such as staying with friends/family or attending a designated safety shelter, and provide anyone supporting you with a copy of your Seizure Management Plan.
  • If your seizures change after the event is over, or you have run out of medication, speak to your doctor or visit the local hospital emergency department.
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