Epilepsy NZ needs a range of support from volunteers to help us do our job better both at our national office, and in the regions, cities and towns. We have a list of volunteer positions that will enable our organisation to perform at a much higher level to better serve people with epilepsy so they can achieve a better quality life.

Here is a list of the potential volunteer roles that we may need help with:

Volunteers at National Office in Hamilton:

First Round:

  • 2 Marketing Assistants to job share (Internship role)
  • 1 Membership & Corporate Partnerships Coordinator
  • 1 Web Projects & IT Coordinator
  • 1 Grants & Fundraising Coordinator                
  • 1 Schools & Community Projects Coordinator  
  • 1 National Volunteer Coordinator  *                  
  • 1 HR Volunteer *
  • 1 Facebook Coordinator *
  • 1 Web Content Coordinator *
  • 1 YouTube Content Coordinator *

We expect these positions may require between 8-15 hours per week, but we are happy to work with volunteers to enable their contribution based on their availability.

Second Round:

  • Admin Support Volunteer
  • Information Reviewer Volunteer *
  • Media Volunteer *
  • Promotions Volunteer *
  • Communications Volunteer *

The time required for these positions may require 6-12 hours per week, but we are happy to work with volunteers to enable their contribution.

* Please note that some of these position activities may be fulfilled from the comfort of your home so we are open to those who may reside outside of Hamilton.

Town, City and Regional Volunteers:

  • Regional Volunteer Co-ordinators
  • Fundraising & Collections Volunteers
  • Local Services Volunteers
  • Events Volunteers (As needed)

The time required for these positions may require 6-10 hours per week, or on a needs basis, but we are happy to work with volunteers to enable their contribution.

Role Descriptions

We are in the process of writing role descriptions for each of the positions. Please email leon@epilepsy.org.nz to express your interest in one or more of our volunteer positions and let us know what skill sets and/or experience you have that will contribute.

If you do not have experience for the role that interests you, please contact us anyway, as we are happy to look at what you have to offer. We may train you for the position if appropriate or discuss with you other opportunities that we have. We are more interested in people with good enthusiasm and right attitude to help out rather than evaluating someone based on experience and skill set alone.

Once we have finalised volunteer positions, and have drafted the description for the particular role, we will contact you to confirm that the role is open for applying for. To apply for the role, download the volunteer application form below and email this completed to leon@epilepsy.org.nz

 [277 KB]
Please contact Leon on 07 834 3556 if you have any questions regarding our volunteer positions or completing our application form. Email the volunteer application form completed to leon@epilepsy.org.nz.

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