Mission & Vision

Our Mission
To improve the quality of lives of New Zealanders living with epilepsy.

Our Vision
A New Zealand that is free of discrimination and stigma, where the impacts of epilepsy on a persons life, and that of their whanau and community are minimised.

Our Values
Leadership, Inclusive, Empowering, Integrity, Sustainable, Professional, Responsible and Transparent

Our Pillars
Personalised Support

Ensuring that people living with epilepsy get a fair go and can connect to appropriate supports and services in ways that work for them.

Engaging people from all communities and ethnicities while building effective relationships based on a shared purpose.

National Voice for Change
Represent and advocate for the rights of those living with epilepsy.

Education and Training
Providing high quality education and training opportunities.

Fulfilling our responsibilities and obligations to the highest standards and within our means.

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