Become a member, and play a vital role in helping New Zealanders with Epilepsy gain a better quality of life. The more members we have, the more influence Epilepsy New Zealand may have on decision makers.

Great reasons to become a member

Membership benefits:

  • Regular communication, including our e-magazine as well as local newsletters and information on local community-based activities.

  • Discounts on EpilepsyNew Zealand run events. We advertise these events online.

  • Have your say – the opportunity to be as actively involved as you wish.

  • Voting rights at the Annual General Meeting and your say in how Epilepsy New Zealand is run.

  • Access to research. Epilepsy New Zealand has a regularly updated compilation of links to the latest epilepsy research from around the world for our members, So join us in our never-ending search for knowledge.

  • Know that you are making a difference to people living with epilepsy in New Zealand by contributing towards resources to provide national and local community support services

How Do I Join?

There are three easy ways to becoming a member:

Annual membership subscription

Individual – $10.00

Membership year runs from the "month anniversary" of your sign up date (ie. signed up in April 2016, your next fees will be due March 2017). 


Volunteering & Support

Volunteers are the life blood of any non for profit. We need your support to help us with campaigns, events, seminars and support groups throughout the country.

Please register your interest to become a volunteer. Tell us about your skills and experience and how you can show your support. Follow this link