New research shows 1,633 lives could be saved through seizure improvement

Please note – this is Australian information.

New research from Monash University shows a 10% improvement in seizure freedom would prevent 1,633 deaths and save $1.1 billion in healthcare costs.

The research, The costs of epilepsy in Australia: a productivity based analysis, created life table models for Australians aged 15-69 living with epilepsy.

It found that with no seizure improvement there would be 14,000 excess deaths in Australians aged 15-69, adding to around 78,000 years of life lost, $4.1 billion in additional direct healthcare costs, and $32.4 billion to equivalent GDP.

But 1,633 of these deaths could be avoided with seizure improvement of 10 percent.

While the research found epilepsy carries with it a substantial burden in both economical and societal terms, it found improved seizure freedom of 10 percent would not only save lives but also add $7.8 billion in improved work productivity.

In order to address this, the team from Monash is actively working on understanding how to improve first seizure assessment and management in ‘First Seizure Clinics’. This exciting project is being co-funded through the AERF. You can read more about the project here.

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