SUDEP Action Day – 23 October

What is SUDEP Action Day?

SUDEP Action Day is a special day which brings organisations and people together to raise awareness of SUDEP worldwide.

Launched by SUDEP Action on 23 October 2014 (as SUDEP Awareness Day), it shines a light on the largest cause of death in people with epilepsy, helping empower people through increased awareness and raise funds for SUDEP research.

SUDEP Action Day image

Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) is when a person with epilepsy dies suddenly and prematurely and no reason for death is found.  This does not include those who die in status epilepticus and those who die from a seizure-related accident.

Reducing risk plays a big part in epilepsy management.  Reducing risk can include taking anti-seizure medication as prescribed, avoiding triggers, getting adequate sleep, avoiding excessive alcohol or illicit drugs and ensure family and carers are trained in seizure first aid.

Watch a video where Kirsty’s family talk about the impact of Kirsty’s death from SUDEP has had on them.

For more information about SUDEP and managing risks go to our SUDEP page.

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