Welcome to Epilepsy New Zealand Corporate Partners page.

We will be publishing a list of our corporate partners in this section soon.

A corporate partner is a organisation that wishes to align with our cause to demonstrate their good will in the community. Corporate partners can benefit immensely by demonstrating their commitment to social responsibility above and beyond their commercial activities. These types of activities can not only help to build social goodwill and improve their corporate image, but can also assist in driving sales indirectly for their business through the publicity generated. This type of activity will help foster a desire by other organisations and consumers to align with your brand through the positive activity your corporate is performing in the community regardless of size.

Epilepsy NZ views corporate partnerships as a long time relationship commitment that is nutured as a mutually beneficial relationship. If you are looking for an opportunity to build your social goodwill, we are keen to chat.

We are also looking for corporate sponsors where a business may wish not to commit to a long term relationship, but are interested in working or collaborating on one off projects. These typically involve sponsoring an event or a project for a shorter duration. We are happy to look at any proposal where we your organisation may want to be involved with us. If you are short on ideas on how to get involved, we have plenty, so give a bell to start a discussion.

If you wish to become a corporate partner or sponsor, please contact Ross Smith, our Chief Executive.

07 834-3556
021 979 306