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Harry's 2300km for Charity

"This year for my birthday I thought I would challenge myself in a way which could bring some positivity to those who need it.

I will be running 2300km within a year for the year of my 23rd birthday. So starting today I will be running 44.23km per week, till my next birthday (25th November, 2021).

The reason I am doing this is to align with a growing issue in New Zealand which we make out its not okay to be down, or upset. Along with bringing light to this growing issue through the charity of the Mental Health Foundation NZ, I will also be linking up with the Epilepsy Foundation NZ and Alzheimers Charity NZ. The reason for working with these charities is from losing loved ones from these conditions. I am aiming to bring more awareness to all three of these conditions, so we as society can become more educated within these conditions.

I will be taking donations along the way to my selected charities in which I don’t aim to just raise money for, but also bring awareness to these conditions.

Along the way I will be posting updates of my weekly kms to prove that I’m clocking in my ks, and hope to raise $5000."

Support Harry by donating on his Givealittle page here.

"The Mad Run"

Madz Spence is fundraising by running her first half marathon and giving back to a charity that supported her two years ago.

“Long story short had a bit of a spanner chucked in the works back in 2k18. I’m a firm believer that everything does happen for a reason, and this one defs changed my perspective on a few things – for the better. There was a lady called Lynne who worked for the Epilepsy Association down in Dunedin and I believe she played a large part in the reason I am where I am now. One of the loveliest, most understanding women I’ve met and provided a big amount of support.

It’s now my chance to help some others out there, and the association who helped me. I’ll be running my first half marathon November 1st to raise some money for Epilepsy NZ and a dollar or two would mean the world. I know those who need it would be immensely grateful.”

Please support Madz so Epilepsy NZ can continue to uplift the lives of people living with epilepsy to achieve a better quality of life. To donate, visit The Mad Run.


Donate to the Ben May Appeal

Ben lived boldy, committed fiercely, loved hard with a compassionate soul who wanted to make a difference to others. He did!

Ben had been planning a running event to raise funds for his chosen foundation – Epilepsy New Zealand. He had intended to help raise awareness by sharing parts of his own journey and some of the struggles he and others face in their personal battle with epilepsy. But more than that, he wanted to share and inspire others that it should never stop you chasing your goals and dreams.

Ben gave 110% in all his chosen endeavours and never used the condition as an excuse. 

To honour his personal philosophy and courage to live his life to the full, his family has asked, rather than flowers, a gift to his chosen foundation which will support the positive work to continue to help other sufferers live their fullest lives.

To make a donation, please click on this link, ticking the "In Memoriam Donation" box with the details "Ben May".

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