Purple Day Charity Art Auction in partnership with Resene

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At Epilepsy New Zealand it is our mission to improve the lives of those living with epilepsy.  We need your help to elevate our fundraising for Purple Day and grow awareness of Epilepsy New Zealand services.

What is epilepsy?

The brain sends electrical messages to the body.  A disruption of electrical activity in the brain can lead to a seizure.  This could be a change in the person’s movement, behavior, level of awareness and/or feelings.  Epilepsy can be controlled with medication.  Epilepsy seizures can vary greatly.  Some can cause difficulty in living alone, the ability to drive, ability to work and barriers to independence and social wellbeing.

Charity Art Auction

Epilepsy New Zealand are proud to connect with artists across New Zealand and show case their work for a good cause.

A call out was made to artists in 2023 to participate in a charity art auction to fundraise for Purple Day.  Resene has generously donated purple paint and canvas.

All artists were welcome to participate and donate a painting to be auctioned on Trade Me.

Thank you to the artists who have donated their time and creativity to this Purple Day Fundraiser.

Please like, follow and share the auction on Facebook to raise awareness of those living with epilepsy.

The auction ends on 26th March 2024 in celebration of Purple Day.



Tatiana Vairera

Supporting the cause means a lot, as it creates awareness around epilepsy. I have used circles as the cells, the dark ones represent normal cells and the lighter circles represent the epilepsy present in the brain.

Diana Ng Low

Valentine’s on Velvet Wood

In the past I’ve worked as a creative director, working with graphic designers in the advertising industry. I’m also an illustrator who has published a comic booklet for a Training Course. Generally, I like including creative concepts in my art. This is a simple one. As shown, I’ve created a wooden background. Painted in purple!

Sofia Sidoruk

In my art piece, I have painted different triangular shapes purple. Throughout my painting there are sparkles surronding the triangles. In some spaces sparkles come off track representing when epilepsy is present.

Scott Van de Reit

I have created my piece to showcase the chain of thought being broken when a seizure takes place in the brain.

Raquiel Te Kawa

I have created my epilepsy art piece using different techniques to show a seizure at hand. I have used paint blowing and added layers of paper rolls to emphasize a seizure taking place.

Paul Leydon

Through my art I have used blocks to show the movement of how a seizure takes place in the brain.

Cecily Conley

I choose purple and green because together they dance, showing the elasticity of colors and shapes, like a fiesta in a canvas!

Nicholas Johnson

An awesome cause to contribute to. In my art piece, the wooden cubes represent brain cells. Healthy brain cells are joined together, but with epilepsy cells come apart due to a seizure.

Naliyah Te-Maki

A cause close to my heart. I have used a fading technique with the head, to show the confusion going on in the brain when a seizure is happening.

Meta Assink

I paint whimsical animals as a reminder that moments of reflection, playfulness, and humor can be created – even on some very challenging days.

Melissa Hicks

Fiore Viola

This is an important cause to me as my 6 year old has epilepsy and I would love to raise some money and awareness

Luke Wright

I have used string to outline a person’s head and brain. The string jumbled up represents when aterrible seizure takes place in the brain.

Lisa Kiernan

I have painted a pattern which looks like brain cells moving in the brain. The sparkles separating from some of the cells shows the start of epilepsy taking place.


Jelly Fish by Frida

Laurel Stephens

Brain Burps & Blips

Karen Cabezas

I have created my art piece using abstract art to create an awareness around epilepsy.

Enrico Monteclaro

I’m very happy in taking part creating awareness for epilepsy through my art. The jigsaw pieces as the brain, then breaking apart shows a seizure taking place in the brain.

Caroline Eastall

I have used printed words fading in my abstract piece to show the effects of epilepsy.

Tim Wightman

Tim Wightman

Carlo McIlvride

In my abstract piece, I have painted different shades of purple on the shattered glass pattern. This shows a seizure in motion.

Brent Milburn

I have chosen clock pieces to show epilepsy in action. A clock piece falling off shows a seizure taking place. This shows the impact of a seizure on the brain.

Franzeska Pound

Wellingtons south coast, a walk I do often and where I find a lot of my inspiration.

Agata Hubbard

As an artist I create mostly abstract paintings, which are based on multidimensional layers of nature and human mind

Selene Simcox

Remember to dance and feel the energy of life. Paint has its own energy too. It all reminds you to keep dancing like no one is watching.

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