Seizure Smart Schools

Seizure Smart Schools online learning modules has been developed to support students, teachers and schools and provide them with the knowledge and practical strategies to support children who live with epilepsy in an education setting.

Every child’s experience of epilepsy is different and therefore supporting them at school will require an individualised approach. By becoming a Seizure Smart School you can demonstrate that your school has a supportive and inclusive learning environment.

This introductory online module will enable all teachers to develop the knowledge required to provide appropriate support to students who live with epilepsy.

Online Learning -An Introduction to Understanding and Managing Epilepsy (portal coming soon)

Online learning cost
0 – 5 Participants – $40 per person
6 – 10 Participants – $32 per person
11+ Participants – $25 per person.

Tip: as you add more participants, the cost will automatically adjust in the payment portal.

As we want Seizure Smart training to be accessible for all, subsidies are available upon application. We may be able to fund up to 50 % of your schools training costs.

Click HERE for a subsidy application



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