Ensure your school knows how to support students with Epilepsy-Become a seizure smart school.

It is estimated that 1 in 200 students live with epilepsy. Across their career, every Teacher in a New Zealand school will teach at least one child who has Epilepsy.

 Epilepsy is so much more than just seizures and the impact on concentration, memory and learning can have lasting effects.

Teachers need seizure specific training

Schools have a duty of care to provide a safe learning environment for all students and ensure they accommodate the needs of all students. The seizure smart schools programme will assist schools to create this environment. 

Epilepsy can have a significant impact on a child’s experience at school due to the impact of seizures and any medication they may be taking, making it hard for a child to concentrate or remember information from class. The stigma and discrimination still felt by many living with epilepsy today can also contribute to these difficulties. There are over 40 types of epilepsy and as every child’s experience of epilepsy is different, supporting them at school will require an individualised approach.
Teachers need to understand the impact of epilepsy on student learning, as well as having epilepsy-specific training in understanding and managing epilepsy.

By becoming a seizure smart school, you can demonstrate that your school has a supportive and inclusive learning environment.

Using the programme developed in Australia and having customized this for a New Zealand Audience, Epilepsy New Zealand are launching a pilot throughout schools in New Zealand that will enable teachers and other educators to undertake the learning free of charge (valued at $70 pp) in order to become a seizure smart school.

The learning module is called New Zealand introduction to Epilepsy for Educators.

  • This 1-hour course will provide teachers with the underpinning knowledge required to support students living with epilepsy.  
  • There are 13 sections within the module to complete plus the quiz, additional resources that are available to download and a short feedback summary.
  • Once the module has been completed, your school will receive a certificate that they can display meaning they are a seizure smart school, along with a logo that you will be able to use on your letterhead, website, and other promotional collateral.



The pilot has been hugely successful, with so many schools registering and completing the training. Thanks to all who have come onboard.
If you know of a school who would benefit from the training please reach out to them as they can go onto our waitlist for the next phase of the rollout in early 2023.
We will share feedback in late September once the pilot has finished.

If you would like to become a seizure smart school, please contact us on the e mail below  to go on the waitlist .


Watch this space for Seizure Smart Workplace and Seizure Smart Seniors coming soon.



Resources for Teachers  

Booklet – Children With Epilepsy

Checklist for Parents (Starting or moving schools?)

Learning Conversations (Epilepsy and its possible impacts on learning)

Individual Learning Plan (ILP)

Behaviours and Epilepsy

Cognitive Skills and Epilepsy

Auditory Processing and Epilepsy

Language and Epilepsy

Self-Esteem and Epilepsy

Memory and Epilepsy

Numeracy and Epilepsy 

Visual Processing and Epilepsy






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