General information

Epilepsy New Zealand comprises of its national office in Hamilton operating 11 offices throughout the country employing 11 professional Educators delivering information, education and support to people living with epilepsy together with local awareness campaigns.

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  • Toll Free 0800 37 45 37: Epilepsy New Zealand operates a toll free number connecting landlines direct with local educators. If you ring from a mobile phone you will be directed to a regional menu, after choosing your region you will be asked to choose the sub-region to make sure you speak to the correct Educator in your area. 
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Nationwide Field Service

Epilepsy Educators are employed by Epilepsy Association of New Zealand, a registered nationwide charity supporting people living with epilepsy. See our Services

Making a complaint

If you wish to complain about our service, please use the form attached. A copy of our complaints policy is also available here. Form UPDATED FINAL.pdf


Support information

 Various offices have different types of support and friendship groups operating throughout the country.

Contact your local Educator or see what events are happening in your area


Contact your local educator to arrange an Educational seminar on Epilepsy. If you are seeking to arrange training at a national level, contact  who will be happy to discuss your needs and coordinate delivery of service.