Six Impossible Things

Six Impossible Things by Joshua Danoff

I have sometimes believed

 in six impossible things before breakfast.


Things like

being equal,


and not only accepted,

but welcomed.


Things like

a lack of social stigma

and more education for society,

because Epilepsy comes

in many shapes

and many sizes


Things like

more research

about Epilepsy and the brain

because more research

means more treatments.


Things like

a lack of stereotypes

just because I have Epilepsy doesn’t mean I drop every time I have a seizure

or can give you my Epilepsy.


Things like


Social stigmas and stereotypes

turn a lot of people away.


Things like

a lack of discrimination.

Epilepsy does not change my work ethic

or ability

to excel

in whatever I decide to do.


Six impossible things

do not have to be impossible.

help from me

and you

means we can make it possible.


Six impossible things

might not be possible

before breakfast

or lunch

or dinner.


But six impossible things could be possible



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