Caring For Your Baby or Toddler

Many parents with epilepsy successfully care for their babies and young children. If your seizures are not controlled, there are some sensible precautions you can take to make sure your child is as safe as possible in the event of you having a seizure:

  • If possible, share the care of your baby, especially at night, so you do not become too exhausted
  • When feeding your baby with a bottle or breastfeeding, you could sit on the floor on a towel or a rug holding your baby, so that if you have a seizure the baby does not have far to fall
  • When the child is taking solids, you could put them in a bouncer chair or car seat on the floor and sit next to them
  • When using a baby chair, make sure you cannot knock it over
  • Never bath your baby while you are on your own. Instead you could give them a simple sponge bath
  • Use a pram or stroller to move your baby around the house. This is safer for the baby should you have a fall
  • Use safety gates at all times
  • When you take your child out, use reins that will prevent them wandering off if your consciousness is altered.