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This is the first electronic version of Epilepsy Action in New Zealand. The printed version is no longer viable to produce and distribute. This opens further opportunities to Epilepsy New Zealand with its communication enabling digital advantages to be embraced.

Our aim is to produce an Epilepsy Action Newsletter on a regular basis at the beginning of March, May, August and November, depending on demand and feedback.  Contributions are most welcome from members. Simply forward your article, comments and feedback to

At Epilepsy Association of New Zealand we have been busy planning for 2016. Budgets are being put in place and funding being sourced to deliver our services from a national to local perspective throughout the country.

With 12 offices and 15 employed educators ENZ is well positioned to provide awareness, education, information and support to New Zealanders with epilepsy.

One of our biggest challenges we face is to connect locally with communities, local people and businesses. Our membership and volunteer base is critical to accomplish this along with our awareness campaigns.

With Purple Day upon us we are busy distributing retail packs for stores to distribute our ribbons upon their counter tops and hero packs being distributed to organisers of local fundraising events. Our Guide to Paint the town Purple is available from our website and we have over a dozen landmarks throughout the country being lit up purple.

Inside this issue is an article on the care giver role. At ENZ we want to ensure that caregivers are aware and trained to provide the best possible service for those living with epilepsy. We are someway down the road in development of a training course for professional caregivers. One of the surprises that some may struggle with is that we will be charging professionals for this education. Those with epilepsy and their families who are members will still receive this service free of charge.

In addition, we are embracing technology changes within our finance and CRM processing software enabling productivity efficiencies.

We hope you enjoy reading this Epilepsy Action New Zealand Issue.


CEO, Epilepsy Association of NZ

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    Epilepsy New Zealand has been receiving regular information from the Ministry of Health and other agencies, often more than once a day, showing just how quickly the situation is evolving. No doubt there will be many people, including those with epilepsy, who have questions around their risk and what to do in these uncertain times. Hopefully the information below may help reassure you and where necessary, prompt you to contact your trusted health professional.

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    BPAC issues new guidelines for Lamotrigine.

  • Petition against Pharmac's drug changes
    29 August 2019

    A petition is underway calling on Pharmac to reverse its decision on Lamotrigine.

  • Epilepsy NZ Position Statement - Lamotrigine
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    We opposed this change from Lamictal to Logem from the start, and staff have advocated on behalf of people with epilepsy in discussions with Pharmac.

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    Adele Hauwai has shared her Living With Epilepsy story as part of the Epilepsy NZ Tell Us About It Competition. People were asked to send in their stories about epilepsy, the challenges they faced and the lessons they have learned that they would like to share with the world.

  • New ILAE Seizure Classification
    10 March 2017

    The ILAE announces the publication in Epilepsia of two new landmark classification documents, one of seizure types and one of the epilepsies.

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